Monday, March 1, 2010

A Good Day for Some Music

Over the weekend, the International Film Music Critics Association announced its choices for the best in film music of the last year.

Michael Giacchino, the composer of Up, was the big winner. However, one of my favorites of the year took home two awards. Christopher Young, whom I mentioned briefly last month when he was nominated for Drag Me to Hell, won for best horror film score (no surprise there) and, in a bit of an upset, also won for best film music composition.

I couldn’t agree more. Check out this link to go to my previous post on Young with a link to his winning composition, “Concerto to Hell.”

This all got me thinking about the original songs from last year’s films. Often, the most egregious snubs at the Academy Awards take place in the original song category. This year was no different, and the producers of the awards show have announced that the nominated songs will not even be performed during the show, which is an astounding break from tradition.

But, I figured I would take this opportunity to link to some of the best songs to come out of the cinema landscape of 2009. Each song title is a link to where you can listen to the songs.

Help Yourself,” by Sad Brad Smith from Up in the Air

This song accompanied my favorite sequence in any film from last year, the wedding in Up in the Air. That one scene alone is reason enough to see the film, and Smith’s song is the perfect compliment to the bittersweet montage. It is a folksy, semi-ballad that brilliantly evokes the core of George Clooney’s lonely traveler.

Hideaway,” by Karen O from Where the Wild Things Are

A beautiful, tender, sad song from a beautiful, tender, sad movie, this track stands a cut above the rest on a soundtrack where every song is endlessly listenable. Karen O’s voice is heartbreaking.

Petey’s Song,” by Jarvis Cocker from The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Jaunty and irreverent, this song is the epitome of music written for a film, and with its twangy banjos and call-and-response lyrics, it wonderfully evokes the wacky fun of Wes Anderson’s latest effort.

The Weary Kind,” by Ryan Bingham from Crazy Heart

Even if you don’t like country, you can still appreciate this soul-searching ballad from up-and-comer Bingham. Essentially, the whole film is about the writing of this song. It is the only song mentioned here that is nominated for the Oscar.


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Nate said...

I couldn't agree more! 2009 was a fantastic year for music.

Super extra cool hipster points for having "Fantastic Mr. Fox" and "Where The Wild Things Are" on your list, by the way!