Sunday, February 22, 2009

Live Blogging the Oscars- The Big Show

9:00 pm

Well, that's the night. Congratulations to Bill Condon and Larry Mark for keeping their promis to bring the show in before midnight on the east coast. And, of course, congrats to all the winners.

A lot happened in the last half hour. Sean Penn's very political, yet somehow endearing speech. Kate Winslet's very endearing, and very endearing speech. And, of course, the completion of the Slumdog near sweep. Just one loss.

Check back tomorrow for more on those awards and everything else.

8:25 pm

Is it wrong to say that Danny Boyle's win was the one I was waiting for all night. He didn't disappoint. And, he has to be one of the only winners to call himself an idiot in his acceptance speech. Beautiful moment.

8:10 pm

So, the Academy goes against good sense and awards a tiny understated Japanese film that almost no one has heard of. They just weren't ready for the in-your-face style of Waltz with Bashir. No matter. The classics will show in time.

As far as the music categories, am I the only one who just loves watching the Slumdog Millionaire crew accept awards. By my count, they have two more to accept. But, actor and actress first.

7:45 pm

The Dark Knight for the block, anyone? Slumdog will not sweep every award. But, it can still come very close. And, that's fine with me, as long as they keep cutting back to Danny Boyle, whose genuine happiness and surprise is so refreshing in a season where platitudes are a way of life.

And, is there anyone who doesn't just love Will Smith. Only he could present awards that almost one cares about (outside the academy) and have them be among the most entertaining moments of the night.

7:20 pm

Wonderful moment for Heath Ledger's family. And, for the Academy.

Also, is there anything Philipe Petit can't do?

6:49 pm

Judd Apatow is the modern king of comedy. Can we all agree on that? Jerry Lewis is going to win an honorary award later tonight. That will close the book on that part of comedy history. We're on to Judd Apatow. If you haven't seen the Funny People trailer, check it out here.

6:37 pm

Bit of a cheap shot at Joaquin Phoenix there, eh? Funny though.

Slumdog's 2 for 2. Get used to seeing crew making their way to stage.

6:30 pm

So, the awards are being presented thematically. Sets, costumes, makeup. It's so crazy it just might work.

In terms of the winners, Benjamin Button may only win one more award, so take in the David Fincher love while you can.

6:10 pm

"Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto." Unless Mickey Rourke wins, that might be the awards speech of the night. By the short animation winner. Funny things happen at the Oscars.

Kudos to Dustin Lance Black on his beautiful speech. Truly heartfelt, personal, and utterly necessary.

Simon Beaufoy wins, making Slumdog Millionaire 1 for 1 so far. We'll see where it goes from here.

Great speech by Andrew Stanton. Short. Sweet. Perfectly on point. Just like his film.

And, how funny were Tina Fey and Steve Martin. Great pairing.

5:50 pm

So how about that opening number? It looks like Hugh Jackman was the right choice to add some energy to the show. The jokes were there, like usual, but the song and dance are all Jackman.

A great moment for Penelope Cruz. Great speech. But, let's hope the rest of the presentations don't go as long or meandering as that one.

My television also seems to be trying to go out. Stormy Northern California. I'll have to hope it makes it through the rest of the night.

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As Fan3 said...

We finally watched Vicky Christina Barcelona last night, I loved it, so I'm glad she won!