Sunday, February 22, 2009

Live Blogging the Oscars- The Red Carpet

5:26 pm

So, they just asked Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen whom they would save if there were an earthquake. What a silly question.

But, it gets you thinking.

Seth said Judd and Judd said his wife.

It's tough choice. Let's just hope the Kodak is earthquake retrofitted.

They're about to go inside. I'm going watch the opening and so should you. I'll check in at the first commercial break.

5:23 pm

What a great night this must be for guys like Richard Jenkins and Frank Langella. They have deserved this for so long, and they are finally at the Big Show.

Those are the guys people talk about when it's said that "it's great just to be nominated."

5:15 pm

So, the switch in red carpet coverage from E! to ABC's coverage raises a couple questions.

Usually, I wonder who the more famous person is- the interviewer or the interviewee, and that's not a good thing. But, then, when I'm watching ABC, I just wonder who these people doing the interviews are and why they're there.

Beyond that, it's a hell of a sight to see Danny Boyle and the whole child cast of Slumdog. Invented controversies be damned.

4:53 pm

Is there anyone more beautiful or more gracious than Kate Winslet?

And, then they go to Ben Lyons. God, I miss Richard Roeper.

4:39 pm

It's odd watching the red carpet with people who know about fashion and dresses and all that. I don't. What was wrong with Anne Hathaway's dress? Something about fish.

I don't know, but E! was really excited to see Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie show up. They seemed to have the scoop by getting the first shots of the couple's arrival, which is sort of like being the first guy on the top of a hill to see the sun.

4:30 pm

"I'd rather have Loki another two years than the Oscar."

Mickey Rourke talking to Ryan Seacrest, dedicating the night to his recently deceased dog.

Regardless of whether he wins tonight, I think he's made his comeback. The world is free to love him again.

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